Sleazy Vegan Drumsticks

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We get asked quite regularly 'why Sleazy Vegan?'
And other than 'why not?', the easiest answer is to say 'because it's rock n roll, it's cool!'
When we decided to launch, we wanted something a bit different, something that would stand out, something that could put a cool, fresh spin on an important message. 
Hence Sleazy Vegan. 
We're rock fans at heart - our spiritual home is Sunset Strip circa the second half of the 1980s (only with CFC-friendly hairspray and make-up that hasn't been tested on animals) - and we wanted a name and logo that reflected that, something we could be proud of. 
And we think we've achieved that. 
So we stuck it on a drumstick. 
Don't mention it. 

Oh, and that's £9 a pair. Who only uses one stick?

Yes, apart from him. He can use the other one as a spare.

(Our drumsticks are size 5A, h
ickory sticks with minor cosmetic blemishes like mineral streaks and knots that are smaller than 1/16” and are finger safe. They are a mix of clear and honey hickory with some small tear outs. These cosmetic blemishes do not affect the playability of the sticks)